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Remsen Award

    The Ira Remsen Award was inaugurated in 1946 in honor of Ira Remsen who was the first Chairman of the Chemistry Department at Johns Hopkins University and the second President of the University. The recipients of the Remsen award are chemists of outstanding achievement in keeping with Ira Remsen’s long and devoted career as an exponent of the highest standards in teaching and research in chemistry. The Award culminates in a Remsen memorial lecture given by the recipient, followed by presentation of a plaque and an honorarium.

Nominations Solicited:

The recipient of the Remsen Award is chosen annually by the Remsen award committee, consisting of a chairman and members of the chemistry faculty at Johns Hopkins University. Nominations are solicited through advertisements in Chemical & Engineering News.

Please submit the following nomination materials:

  1. Letter including a short statement describing the outstanding contributions of the nominee to scientific research and education.
  2. CV of the nominee including his/her list of publications.

Nominations may be sent to Dr. Dana Ferraris at  The deadline for submission is in October of the year prior to the award--contact Dr. Ferraris for specific dates.

Previous Recipients of the Remsen Award:

2018  Chad Mirkin, Northwestern University


2015    JoAnne Stubbe, MIT 

2014    Emily Carter 

2013    Eric Jacobsen

2012    Daniel G. Nocera

2011    Graham R. Fleming

2010    John T. Groves

2009    Jean Frechet

2008    John C. Tully

2007    Peter F. Leadlay

2006    Gabor A. Somorjai

2005    Judith P. Klinman

2004    Samuel Danishefsky

2003    Henry F. Schaefer III

2002    Matthew S. Platz

2001    Ad Bax

2000    Alexander Pines

1999    Tom Meyer

1998    Peter Dervan

1997    Bill Miller

1996    David A. Evans

1995    Alfred G. Redfield

1994    Edward L. Solomon

1993    Christopher T. Walsh

1992    William Klemperer

1991    Rudolph A. Marcus

1990    Robert G. Bergman

1989    K. Barry Sharpless

1988    Mildred Cohn

1987    Stephen J. Lippard

1986    Gilbert Stork

1985    Richard N. Zare

1984    Earl L. Muetterties

1983    George M. Whitesides

1982    Harden McConnell

1981    Koji Nakanishi

1980    Roald Hoffman

1979    Harry B. Gray

1978    John Charles Polanyi

1977    Ronald Breslow

1976    William N. Lipscomb, Jr.

1975    Henry Taube

1974    Elias J. Corey

1973    Frank H. Westheimer

1972    Charles H. Townes

1971    George C. Pimentel

1970    George S. Hammond

1969    Albert L. Lehninger

1968    Har G. Khorana

1967    Marshall W. Nirenberg

1966    Paul H. Emmett

1965    James R. Arnold

1964    Paul D. Bartlett

1963    Harold C. Urey

1962    George Porter

1961    Herbert C. Brown

1960    Henry Eyring

1959    Edward Teller

1958    Robert B. Woodward

1957    Melvin Calvin

1956    Farrington Daniels

1955    Willard F. Libby

1954    Vincent du Vigneaud

1953    Edward L. Tatum

1952    W. Mansfield Clark

1951    Hugh S. Taylor

1950    Edward C. Kendall

1949    Joel H. Hildebrand

1948    Elmer V. McCollum

1947    Samuel C. Lind

1946    Roger Adams