Maryland Section

Maryland Chemist Award


The Maryland Chemist Award was established in 1962 to recognize and to honor, each year, a member of the Maryland Section for outstanding achievement in the fields of chemistry. The achievement, as originally stated, may be in pure or applied chemistry, chemical engineering, or chemical education.

As stated in the Maryland Section’s Bylaw VIII:  

“Recipients of the Maryland Chemist Award must have been members of the section for a minimum of five years and have made outstanding contributions to chemistry as defined in the Constitution of the Society (chemistry is defined in broad terms). The work on which the award is based should have been performed in Maryland.”

Nominations Solicited:

The Maryland Chemist Award Committee is inviting nominations for the 2012 Maryland Chemist Award. Please submit the following nomination materials:


  1. Letter including a short statement describing the outstanding contributions of the nominee to scientific research, education, industry, technology, etc.
  2. Resume of the nominee including his/her list of publications.


Nominations may be sent to Dr. Angela Sherman at The deadline for submission is July 1, 2012.

If you know a Maryland chemist whom you would like to see honored for their exceptional work, please nominate them for the 2012 Maryland Chemist Award today!

Previous Recipients of the Maryland Chemist Award:

2011 Kenneth Karlin, Johns Hopkins University

2010 Gerald M. Rosen, University of Maryland

2004 Michael Summers, University of Maryland Baltimore County

2001 Raymond A. Mackay, Johns Hopkins University

2000 Haleem J. Issaq

1999 Marc D. Donohue

1998 Joel F. Liebman

1997 WuCheng Cheng

1996 Shekar Munavalli

1995 Richard H. Smith, Jr.

1994 Yale H. Caplan

1993 Ernest F. Silversmith

1992 Craig A. Townsend

1991 Cecil H. Robinson

1990 Alex Nickon

1989 Catherine Clarke Fenselau

1988 Edward J. Poziomek

1987 Gary H. Posner

1986 David F. Roswell

1985 John Lambooy

1984 Nicolas Zenker

1983 Shih-Yi Wang

1982 Joseph L. Katz

1981 Paul O. P. Ts’o

1980 M. Gali Sanchez

1979 Emil H. White

1978 Gunther L. Eichhorn

1977 Henry C. Freimuth

1976 Richard L. Hall

1975 Benjamin Witten