Maryland Section

Description of Positions

Section Officer and Councilor Duties


1.       Attend monthly meetings/ events and quarterly Executive Committee meetings and communicate regularly with Vice-Chair and Chair to become familiar with their roles.

2.       Succeed to Vice-Chair on January 1 or if Vice-Chair is unable to fulfill his term.


1.       Act as Program Chair, who is responsible for organizing all monthly meetings (other than award meetings) from January to December.  This involves inviting speakers, finding venues (determine audio-visual needs), making travel arrangements (hotel, etc) and collecting speaker talk title, abstract and bio information (picture) for newsletter.  The date and type of meeting in addition to any special budget requirements must be approved by the Executive Committee.  Note that speaker honoria is not permitted based on National rules. 

2.       Act in place of Chair whenever required and shall assist the Chair in their role, if requested.  Succeed to Chair in January or if Chair is unable to fulfill his term.


1.       Attend and preside over all meetings of the Section or arrange the Vice-Chair or Chair-Elect to do so in their absence. There are an average of 10 meetings per year.

2.       Call and preside over all meetings of the Executive Committee and prepare meeting agenda, preferably to circulate in advance.  Call on committee chairs to report on activities.  Call any special meetings as needed.

3.       Appoint chair of all standing and special committees and may in some circumstances appoint members to the committee.  Serve as ex-officio member of any Section committee. 

4.       Confer with Award committee chairs in the selection of the awardee and perform such duties as outlined for the Award.  Ensure that nomination and selection deadlines are met for all Awards.

5.       Cooperate with National officers and endeavor to represent the Section at National meetings.  Ensure that the Annual Report of the Section is properly prepared and is submitted to National by deadline.

6.       See that current records, correspondence, and pertinant information in their possession is passed on to their successor and that non-current records are archived.

7.       Recommend to the Executive Committee special programs/actions necessary to further Section affairs and implement actions with Executive Committee approval.

8.       Work closely with Vice-Chair and Chair-Elect, specially in organizing monthly meetings.  Provide written thank-you correspondence to speakers and institutions providing meeting facilities, if necessary.


1.       As principal recording officer, attend monthly meetings of the Section to record any business transacted and to note attendance.  Attend to any necessary Section correspondence.  Answer any inquiries regarding Section  activities and make necessary referrals.  Assist as needed in maintaining Section files.

2.       Attend quarterly Executive Committee meetings, keep minutes, and prepare a copy for publication in newsletter.  Send notices of Executive Committee meetings to its members and include prior meeting minutes.

3.       Certify to National by December 1 of each year, the results of the officer elections by providing the names, address, telephone, and email of each new officer that will begin on January 1.

4.       In January prepare a list of new Executive Committee, including address, telephone, and email address for distribution to its membership.

5.       Maintain Section membership roster (e-roster from National) ; send any changes to the roster to National.

6.       Assist other officers in the completion of the Annual Report of the Section, particularly on the activities of the Section during the preceding year.

7.       In the event that a councilor cannot attend a National meeting, certify an alternate councilor to National.


1.       As principal financial officer, keep all financial records of the Section.  Prepare financial form for the Annual Report of the Section; form will be reviewed by the Section Chair, Secretary , and a Councilor before the deadline from National. Compile and file with the proper authority, Income Tax Form 990-A for the Section by January 10 following the term in office, preserving a copy for Section records.

2.       Supply funds to other officers and committee chair with funds to compensate for their budgeted and approved expenses.

3.       Attend all meetings of the Section, prepared with checks and change to meet situations to pay, as required for dinners, speakers, or other approved services.  Arrange for another section member to perform these duties, if not available to attend.

4.       Submit a proposed budget with the help of the Finance Committee for the next calendar year to the Section Chair and Secretary by December 31.

5.       Write to National Officer of Treasurer requesting payment in full of allotment to the Section by January 1.  Note that the Annual Report must be submitted and approved by a Section coucilor to be eligible for the allotment. Record and bank all Local Section dues.

6.       Prepare treasurer reports for the quarterly Executive Committee meetings.

7.       For more detailed information see National’s weblink for a Treasurers Handbook (

Members-At –Large

1.       Serve as members of the Executive Committee and as chair or members of Section committees.


1.       Keep informed of National’s activities, insofar as they can relate to the business and interest of the Section.

2.       Attend and take active part in sessions of the Council and participate in National committees in various topic areas. Admission to meetings of Council are sent by National electronically or through the mail. Notify an Alternate Councilor should you be unable to attend a National meeting (or perform your duty as Councilor).

3.       Ascertain, insofar the views of the Section or Council business of interest to the Section.

4.       Report to the Executive Committee on the activities of the Council; reports shall be placed in the newsletter and made at quarterly Executive Committee meetings.

Alternate Councilor

1.       Back-up position for councilor; shall keep active in the Section and informed of National activities.