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Student Travel Grants

Undergraduate and Graduate Student Travel Grants

Undergraduate and Graduate students may apply to the ACS Maryland Section to receive up to $500 for travel and expenses to attend a national ACS Meeting or a MARM (Mid-Atlantic Regional meeting). This is open to ACS members who are enrolled full time in a college or university in the Maryland Section.

The application should include:
•    The meeting you plan to attend along with location and dates
•    Your ACS membership number
•    An estimated budget (cost for travel, registration, lodging, and meals)
•    A 250 word essay describing your motivation for attending the meeting
•    A copy of your abstract and the abstract number ACS gave it when your abstract was              accepted
•    A letter of support from your faculty advisor
•    Please state what would be the most convenient way for the check to be made out, in the event you are awarded a travel grant.

Applications for the spring national ACS meeting will be accepted starting December 1 of the previous year.  Decisions will be announced by January 20 of the year of the meeting.  Applications for the MARM or the fall national ACS meeting will be accepted starting April 2  of that year.  Decisions will be announced May 10 of that year. 

To a certain extent the decisions will be made on a first come, first served basis; however the goal is to allow students from as many schools as possible to attend, so special consideration will be given to the first student who applies from each college/university.  We especially encourage schools which have never had a student apply for a travel grant, to consider applying for a travel grant this year.

Submit your application to Louise Hellwig by e-mail:

If you are awarded a travel grant, the following items need to be submitted after the meeting:
•    Photocopies of receipts totaling the amount of the award.
•    Trip report summarizing your experience at the meeting and photos of yourself at your poster at the meeting so we can proudly post them on the section website.


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