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May 2018


        Nominations are solicited from the membership for positions as officers within the Maryland Section of ACS. Nominations may be send to the Chair of the Nomination Committee, Dr. James A. Saunders at  either as self-nominations or to nominate a colleague.

        Positions that are elected in 2018 are: 1 Chair-Elect, 1 Treasurer, 1 Secretary, 5 Members-At-Large, and 2 Councilors. The Chair-Elect term is 3 years: the candidate is Chair-Elect for one year, and then moves to Vice-Chair for one year, followed by Chair for the last year. Two Councilor positions are also open for a 3-year term in 2018. Members-at Large, Treasurer and Secretary are elected each year.

ACS Maryland Celebrates!

Congratulations to our

2018 Outreach Volunteer of the Year! 

Dr. A. Sherman, Chemistry Dept. Chair,  Notre Dame of Maryland University.

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