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Welcome to the internet home of the Maryland Section of the American Chemical Society (MD ACS). One of 190 local sections, we are based in Baltimore, Maryland. We work to promote awareness and interest in a wide variety of chemistry subjects through monthly dinner meetings, community outreach, and working with students in chemistry and science.

Maryland Celebrates its Senior Chemists

ACS has long honored 50 and 60-year members. In 2017 for the first time, local sections received 70-year certificates. Since then it has been a pleasure to recognize these senior chemists. This year we have fourteen  50-Year-Members, four 60-Year-Members and remarkably six 70-year-Members, one of them almost 80-year-Member.                                                                                    


FridayMay 25, 2018

Matthew's 1600

1600 Frederick  RoadCatonsville, MD 21228

Time:11:30 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.


Click to learn about the history of this building erected circa 1862.

Information is Key

Please click here to read more about the section's goals for 2018.

Nominations for 2018

Date:           Monday, February 12, 2018

Time:          6:00 P.M. – 8:00 P.M.

Location: Notre Dame of Maryland University

                  KNOTT Science building (second Floor)

Presentation: 2018 Leadership Institute: Lessons learned by Kelly Elkins, Ph.D., Towson University


        Nominations are solicited from the membership for positions as officers within the Maryland Section of ACS. Nominations may be send to the Chair of the Nomination Committee, Dr. James A. Saunders at  either as self-nominations or to nominate a colleague.

        Positions that are elected in 2018 are: 1 Chair-Elect, 1 Treasurer, 1 Secretary, 5 Members-At-Large, and 2 Councilors. The Chair-Elect term is 3 years: the candidate is Chair-Elect for one year, and then moves to Vice-Chair for one year, followed by Chair for the last year. Two Councilor positions are also open for a 3-year term in 2018. Members-at Large, Treasurer and Secretary are elected each year.

 CALL FOR NOMINATION: 2018 Braude Award.

       The Braude Award, established by George and Monique Braude, is awarded at the October meeting and honors a professor conducting outstanding research involving students at a college or university in the Chesapeake region. At the October dinner meeting the recipient presents his/her research and receives a plaque describing his/her contributions as well as a monetary award to help support further student research.

        Nominations are now being accepted for the 2018 Braude Award. Nominees must be a member of the ACS, and underrepresented candidates including women, are encouraged to apply. Please submit a list or description of the research accomplishments of the nominee, as well as an indication of the number of students involved in that research, to Louise Hellwig via e-mail: louise.hellwig@morgan.eduDeadline: June 1, 2018.


The room number for the executive board meeting is N-122 conference room.  This is the same building where we had Women Chemist's dinner meeting and Bruade award program.

University address is below.

I will order the dinner from Sodexo our caterer unless Dana wants to bring it from His Cafe'



ACS Maryland Celebrates!

Congratulations to our

2018 Outreach Volunteer of the Year! 

Dr. A. Sherman, Chemistry Dept. Chair,  Notre Dame of Maryland University.

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