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Welcome to the internet home of the Maryland Section of the American Chemical Society (MD ACS). One of 190 local sections, we are based in Baltimore, Maryland. We work to promote awareness and interest in a wide variety of chemistry subjects through monthly dinner meetings, community outreach, and working with students in chemistry and science.



Dr. Tracey Mason, Stevenson University 

Wednesday, October 25th, 2017

6:00 pm-8:30 pm 

SoLVE Center, Manning Academic Center

Stevenson University 

Owings Mill North 

11200 Ted Herget Blvd*.

Owings Mills, MD 21117 

*Note: Some mapping services may still use the former name of Gundry Lane 

Speaker BioTracey McGregor Mason joined the faculty at Stevenson University in January 2008. Prior to Stevenson, she earned her Ph.D. with Prof. Nicholas Farrell (VA Commonwealth U. 1996-2001) doing work on di platinum chemotherapeutics, and completed post-doctoral work with Prof. Richard Karpel (U.MD Balt. Co 2001-2002) working on Gene 32 protein and with Prof. Paul Miller (JHPSH/BMB 2002-2007) where her work focused on DNA repair of interstrand cross-links.  She earned her teaching stripes with the United States Peace Corps as a secondary education in science volunteer in the Fiji Islands (1994-1996). At Stevenson, she mentors 2-6 undergraduate students per year and advises graduate students in the Forensic Science program on their research methods.  

Abstract: Despite developments in novel cancer therapies, Cisplatin is often the initial therapy administered for a variety of tumors. Unfortunately, innate or acquired Cisplatin resistance is a very real problem. Trans- platinum complexes have classically been dismissed at ineffective, but modifications to the classical diammine/ dichloro motif have produced some promising trans candidates. In collaboration with Prof. Adoracion Quiroga of the University of Madrid, we are attempting to characterize the mechanism of action of trans- isopropylamine-triphenylphosphine diiodine Pt(II). We have assayed the cytotoxicity, cell cycle and apoptosis of this complex in several human cell lines, some with Cisplatin resistance. Undergraduate researchers in chemistry are learning the valuable cross-disciplinary technique of mammalian cell culture and flow cytometry. Future work includes Pt uptake and interstrand cross-linking.


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